Know How to Use Twitter To Get More Follower and Leads

Tweet tweet everywhere! Twitter has become the most visited and posted social networking website in the recent years after Facebook. Any news – read your twitter timeline, any issues – get firsthand information, any product – get first hand reviews! It’s all at hand. Have you ever wondered how to get more followers and leads on Twitter without being a celebrity or a roaring media spokesperson or a politician? Worry not, we’ll tell you just how to use twitter in the most amazing way and see how your followers increase. Easy step guide to increase your twitter following and leads:

  • Make It A Habit: First and foremost you have to make it a habit of checking into twitter every now and then. Try writing small posts on anything you feel like or maybe something you just read off the news feed.
  • #Hashtag: Twitter is all about #hashtagging keywords of what you write. Twitter followers find hashtagging is cool, sexy, smart and witty. Hashtag small keywords or a small phrase without putting any space in-between so that the hashtagged word or phrase gets highlighted.
  • Start up a Conversation: Tag people with the “@” symbol and their twitter name and write a reply to their tweets. People get back to you as a reply. Hence this starts up a conversational tweet chain. You could sometimes start on any subject and people take your lead.
  • Tweet about Your Business: If you are a small business brand, Tweet things about your product. People are more likely to follow up on your link with reference to your tweet they saw sometime during the day.
  • Regularity: Post regularly. It’s simple. The habit polishes your editorial skills and you get the hang of the twitter quirks which will make you tweet some more. People who post about a 1000 posts have about a 100 or so followers. On the otherhand people who have posted almost 10,000 have almost 1000-5000 followers!
  • Tweet Quotes: Inspirational, Witty, Smart, Funny – people love quotes. You can get a wide variety of quotes on the internet. People love reading and sharing quotes. It thus helps people getting interested in your tweets and start following you.

Most of all, enjoy! Twitter is fun and the little bird flies a long way.


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