How to Do LinkedIn Marketing to Get Meaningful Business Network

LinkedIn along with all the other social networking websites online today is one of the top professional websites doing the rounds in our everyday lives. But many question on whether LinkIn is an effective medium for expanding their business network. Believe me, it sure does! The trick is in understanding the website as a whole and making the use of it the most. Let us tell you 6 simple points to success.

    • The Professionalism Mantra: The most important quality of the LinkedIn site is that it is all professional. A person’s/company’s profile showcases achievements, experiences, education and expertise for any particular field of association and focuses on that solely. One does not post smiling pouts on a birthday party or a restaurant selfie. It’s all business and people who are there mean business too.So keep it all polished for the target audience.
    • Overlapping Interests: In LinkedIn contacts are generally made with people you know, you have worked with or studied with somewhere. It’s also their subsequent contacts that expand your circle in a geometric progression. LinkedIn always gives contact suggestions with people of similar interests. So linking them up and sending invitations to join your email invites list to get more information helps bring in more clients/customers for your business.
    • Share your company profile: The new feature of LinkedIn is here, where you can add a profile about your company, add promotional videos or presentations which would help you market your company to a wide variety of potential customers.
    • Connection to Facebook/Twitter/etc.: People prefer business marketing to LinkedIn but surf Facebook and Twitter more just out of habit. Once you link your LinkedIn profile Facebook/Twitter and the like the auto-updates pops up in all respective timelines of your social media and people follow those links to surf your business/company page on LinkedIn in case they did not see it there first.
    • Find specific connections and customers: Marketing a business needs more than putting out an advertisement of your company to the world. It is more about targeting specific customers and connections who help you develop your business from your level. With the help of LinkedIn one can find specific companies with your company range size and job roles at any location and send them your company contact and portfolio. Chances are thus high that a good percentage of them will be interested and you will get more business.
    • High quality content helps:Try and put up high quality content on LinkedIn of your business. A class cutting presentation of your product or a video of your achievements in high quality images can help clients/customers understand the high quality of services they will get in turn. It also increases interest among people and makes a mark on their mind over the numerous similar videos they see on the internet.

These six simple steps thus help you market your business over LinkedIn in a meaningful manner. Bring your business to the top views of people and see how your business grows in leaps and bounds!

For a company it is a great opportunity to create a platform where customers can discuss the products, to get a following around the brand and to make online sale so that you can let people spread the word about your business and qualities for this Facebook marketing is the right choice.


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