We live in a digital age where television and the internet have a strong influence on consumer behavior. Under such circumstances it’s nearly impossible for a company to climb a growth trajectory without latching on to digital media for advertising and promotional campaigns. To better understand marketing via digital media and its many benefits read further. SEO Every company or business with an eye on reaching a larger consumer base or clientele has a web presence but that is simply not enough. Bearing in mind that there are innumerable companies or businesses offering the same product or service you may offer, effective digital marketing means having an SEO enhanced website. SEO services put your website up on the top rankings of major search engines and in turn lead to maximum exposure of your companies’ web presence. Social Media Marketing If you and almost everyone else that you know are on Facebook or other social media platforms, it’s only natural that your customer base or potential clients are there too. This is more than enough reason to take your marketing and promotional campaigns to social media. The best part of social media marketing is that cookies on the internet track consumer behavior automatically matching your business to your customers or clients based on their preferences. Pay Per Click Marketing Having an SEO enhanced website is all good but there is still a chance that the consumer may choose another product or service over yours and that’s where pay per click marketing comes in. In this form of marketing, you simply pay search engines to display your product or service over and above all other search rankings. Every time a client or customer clicks on a prominently displayed link leading to your website, you pay the search engine. The good news is that according to research pay per click works as more internet users tend to stick to prominently displayed Google ads. Email Marketing This effective form of digital marketing involves sending promotional and marketing campaign material directly to your client or customers email. If done keeping customer preferences in mind, this form of marketing is known to work. Video Marketing In this age of YouTube, video marketing has proven to be very effective. Creatively produced marketing videos on YouTube and various social media is known to promote growth and sales. Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is simply to process of paying another firm to find you more customers and clients. In digital terms affiliate marketing is an amalgamation of SEO, pay per click services, social media promotions and even ads and promotions prominently displayed on other websites apart from your own.