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The fact is – marketing is the life blood of any start-up. Without that, things will sink for sure.However, how to go about is something that has baffled many.Not to worry, we will give you a fair idea so that things can be managed appropriately.

Social Media: Something very common these days for those using the internet. But, when it comes to practical application, things appear limited.

The very basic thing here would be to give the social media content a paid boost. Say, a particular
Facebook page has got 1000 likes. Now, to get the message across to thousands of unique the ‘boost button’ will do the magic.

Load up and data and be quick about it:Facebook advertising offers the cheapest CPM when it comes to online marketing.

The’duplicate’ tool works wonders and creates hundreds of ads. It also enables changing one element per ad.
Hence, with a small budget it can be easily evaluated what works and what doesn’t.
Retweeting and engaging: Please do not just tweet about yourself and what you can offer or achieve.Engage with others. It could be other customers/clients, companies or anyone relevant. Retweet their tweets, but include your own thoughts/opinion as well.
Explore pay-per-click advertising: This is not only offered by Google only. It can have the most volume when considering the ad network, but it’s far away from the only option.
Bing gives much better results. Also, one can consider the Google Search Partner Networks for extended opportunities. One ad per keyword: Please do not run a campaign with heaps of keywords for a single ad. That’s a waste of money. The best approach would be to create a couple of ads for a specific keyword and then see which works best. Give some value; don’t just brag: The press and the potential customers are far more interested in the value added information that might help succeed in a given area than in going through promotional information. If you think of your prospects’ needs first, you increase your chances of audience engagement and business traction beyond expectation. Single sentence: This is a pro tip that’s pretty obvious, but often gets ignored. Explain what you are offering in one sentence. And, that’s it. No exceptions please. So, here’s a brief idea to help set the ball rolling. However, one must always know that there’s no perfect formula in marketing. Passion and the ability to probe make the difference.

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